Chairman, China Silk Road Group Limited & Silk Road International Foundation

Speaking Session

Short Biography

Dr. LIJIN YAN was born in 1964. He is Senior Engineer and Senior Economist. Now he is the Chairman of China Silk Road Group Limited, Chairman Silk Road Development Fund Management Holding Limited, Silk Road International Foundation, Member of Strategic Direction Committee of UNCTAD, the Chief Advisor of China State Geoinformation Engineering Center and the Chaireman of Law and Globalization Research Center in Renmin University, Sinor Advisor to Oxford University, Co-Director of Research Center for Peru-China Community of Shared Future, Vice President of United World Chinese Association and governmental adviser for countries.

Lijin has been committed to international cooperation and electronic information industry and held a leading position in several large international enterprises. He has been worked and lived in many countries for a long time and walked for almost every area of the world. With extensive professional experience in International Cooperation, Enterprise Management, System Integration, Research and Production, Trade Transaction and Big Project Implementation, and “Ten of the Most Innovative People of Chinese Corporations”, “Excellent Manager” and many other national grade award of management. He takes an active role in participating international contact and cooperation and has made a great contribution to promoting the relationship between China and other countries. Moreover, he has been awarded the Pakistan President Medal and President Prize of Sri Lanka. He has a deep research of International Politics, Global Economics, International Trade, Market Economy, National Interest and Harmonious Idea and so on. He has published dozens of articles and books including Harmony and Chinese Dream, Human Ocean, The 30 years of Chinese Agreculture and Marine Time. He is regarded as a great thinker, strategist, diplomat and entrepreneur.