Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor, Three EQ, USA

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Short Biography

JASON MA is Founder and CEO at ThreeEQ, a family-owned premier education, tech business, and family office advisory firm. Jason is recognized as the inspiring Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders (foremost 1-on-1 US college admissions, life, career, and executive coach for U/HNW families and individuals) in The CEO Magazine, Impact Wealth Magazine, Family Office Magazine, Fashion 4 Development, and a range of business summits and CEO circles. He brings 38 years of experience in tech, education, media, and other sectors, and perspective from nearly 3 million miles of travel across Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East, and Americas. Jason is a sought-after speaker (

Jason is also CBO at an innovative tech company in semi-stealth mode, and advises selected, advanced tech and science companies as a global business strategist and high-level rainmaker. Jason is a member of the B20, the official G20 engagement group representing the global business community. He’s served on the B20 Future of Work and Education Task Force through the B20/G20 presided by Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Indonesia. He attended the B20/G20 in Bali last month. He was a Forbes Global CEO Conference delegate for 8 years before Forbes Media was acquired by an Asian investment group.

Jason is author of the critically acclaimed book “Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips and Next-Generation Achievers” and is an Impact Wealth and Family Office Magazines contributor. He is formerly the Forbes contributor on Mentoring Young Leaders for Ivy League and elite college admissions, higher education, leadership, and entrepreneurship success. He is a joyful parent of two happy, compassionate Gen Z young adult leaders. He earned a degree at UC Berkeley College of Engineering