Secretary General, the Global Foundation, Australia

Short Biography

As founding Secretary General of the non-profit Global Foundation since 1998, STEVE HOWARD has led the necessary global push for the adoption of ‘co-operative globalisation’, a holistic and long-term strategy to enable a sustainable global common good.

Much of Steve’s work with the Global Foundation has involved aligning leaders from the private sector, civil society, academia, faiths and institutions, and sometimes from governments, from across the world, in defining and striving for a shared global vision, backed up by concrete actions.

Many world leaders, including Pope Francis and his most senior officials at the Vatican, have personally participated in and endorsed this and related initiatives. Through this collaborative and low-key approach, Steve and the Global Foundation have helped to shape global affairs with practical outcomes.

Prior to the Global Foundation, he led the successful renaissance strategy for Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990’s, including a national strategy to enable private sector investment in public infrastructure, which has since been adopted as investment model, worldwide.