Secretary General, the Global Foundation, Australia

Speaking Session

Short Biography

As founding Secretary General of the non-profit Global Foundation, STEVE has led the necessary global push for the adoption of ‘co-operative globalisation’, a positive strategy for inclusive, ‘win-win’ economic development and a sustainable global economy.

Many world leaders have personally participated in and endorsed this and related initiatives.

Through this collaborative and low-key approach, Steve and the Global Foundation have helped to shape global affairs with practical outcomes over 20 years.

Steve led the successful renaissance strategy for Melbourne, in Australia in the 1990’s, including a national strategy for private sector investment in public infrastructure, now adopted as a business model, worldwide.

In 1998, he co-founded the Global Foundation, for which an early achievement was the restoration of relations between Australia and the European Union, France, in particular.

Steve is regarded in China for his contribution to China’s global engagement over the past 20+ years. Highlights have included: his role in bringing China, the US and Australia together on global climate change policy; and his integral role in the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the first international institution led by China. He visits China regularly for high-level dialogues embracing global co-operation and the re-making of globalisation to serve humanity.

Steve completed his Degree in Social Science at Deakin University and the Senior Executive Program at London Business School, under a British Government scholarship. He was awarded the Chevalier of the Order of Merit for his contribution to France-Australia relations in 2004.