Advisor for Asia-Pacific Region, Global One Belt One Road Association

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Short Biography

Currently, he is the Deputy President cum Chief Coordinator of Asia-Pacific Region of MHSSATJ, United Nations and he is the Advisor of Asia-Pacific Region of Global One Belt One Road Association. Moreover, he is an Advisor for American Biographical Institute’s Distinguished Research Board of Advisors, USA.

He is the Chairman of BIOPLUS LIFE CORPORATION, USA, a soon to be listed biotech company in Nasdaq, New York. He is also the Executive Chairman of YEW SIN AUTOMOBILES SDN BHD, Executive Chairman of YEW SIN COMMODITIES SDN BHD, Executive Chairman of SFY AUTOMOTIVE SDN. BHD., Executive Chairman of SFY AUTOWORLD SDN. BHD., etc. He has many companies doing various businesses in USA, Brazil, Russia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

He is a prominent international academician before venturing into the corporate world. He graduated from Universiti Malaya, Malaysia with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence Degree and, among others, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) , Mechanical Engineering Degree; University of Bolton, UK with an Accountancy Degree; Heriot-Watt University, Scotland with a Master of Business Administration; University of Newcastle, Australia with a Master of Marketing; Southern Cross University, Australia with a Doctor of Business Administration, etc. He has 12 degrees including 1 Doctorate Degree, 5 Master Degrees and 6 Bachelor Degrees plus 1 Postgraduate Diploma and 2 Postgraduate Certificates as well as more than 100 other academic and professional qualifications.

He is a Visiting Professor for the following Universities: Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China; Zhongnan University of Finance, Economics, Politics and Law, Wuhan, China and School of Economics and Business Management, LEPESI, Tangerang, Indonesia. He is the Deputy Dean cum Visiting Professor of Business Institute of China Academy of Management Science. He is also the Deputy Dean cum Visiting Professor of Institute of Business Innovation of China Business Economics Society. In addition, he is a Visiting Professor of The Research Center for the Standardisation of Education, China Academy of Management Science.

He has won more than 50 business and academic awards in China, Hong Kong,  Macau and Malaysia.  Amongst them:
1. The World’s Most Outstanding Chinese Lifetime Achievement Award, 2015 (The First Recipient). It was awarded by Peking University, China;
2. The World’s Best Academic Award, 2015 (The Only Recipient, he has more than 100 academic and professional qualifications in many fields); The award ceremony was held at The National People’s Congress, Beijing, China.
4. The World Chinese Role Model Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018 (Peking University, China);
6. The World Chinese Entrepreneurial Role Model Lifetime Achievement Award, 2019 (Beijing, China);
10. Tun Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi, the Former Prime Minister of Malaysia bestowed “National Achievement Award” for recognising him as the first Malaysian to possess 80 tertiary qualifications;
11. He possesses 8 Malaysian academic records from the “Malaysia Book of Records”;
12. He possesses 12 world academic records from  the ”Record Book of World Initiators”;
14. His name is listed in“’s  Independence Day’s Outstanding Achievements of Malaysia” since 2004 until 2021;
15. His name is listed in “Great Minds of the 21st Century” (1,000 persons only).