Co-Owner & Founder, European Wellness Biomedical Group, Germany

Speaking Session

Short Biography

PROF. DATO’ SRI DR. MIKE K.S CHAN, 60, is a Researcher, Author, Educator and an Entrepreneur in the specialised fields of Biotechnology Research & Development of Stem Cells and Peptide Therapeutics and Biological & Regenerative Medicine for multiple corporations globally. He is also the co-Owner & Founder of the European Wellness Biomedical Group, Germany, a vertically-integrated group comprising key divisions in IP Research & Development, Biotech & BioPharma Manufacturing Plants (Germany & EU), Educational Institutions & Professional Academies, Global Product Distribution across 80 countries, and 26 medical wellness, diagnostics and youth restorative centres in Europe and Asia Pacific including Switzerland, Germany, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Bangladesh with VIP clientele comprising Presidents, Head of States, Hollywood, Hong Kong and Chinese Celebrities and the Rich & Famous.

He is an Author/co-Author of 16 scientific books on Stem Cells (including for animals), Aging, Neurodegenerative & Neurodevelopment Disorders, Metabolic Diseases, Biological & Regenerative Medicine and 40 scientific and medical publications in USA and UK. He is also a recipient of multiple international awards for Biotechnology in Europe and Middle East. He also holds multiple international patents worldwide for a number of biopharmaceuticals including stem cells, autoimmune diseases processes, and parenteral nutrition.

Since the mid-80s with humble beginning of a seed capital of USD10,000, Mike had first-hand experience being under the tutelage of some of the world’s greatest cell therapists hailing from the Soviet Union, Germany & Switzerland. Mike subsequently pioneered bio-regenerative medicine, cellular/organo therapy, and stem cell research in Europe, and thereafter led a number of Swiss and German companies renowned for anti-aging cellular therapies into rapid global expansion, with diverse operations from R&D and product development, to manufacturing and distribution, and subsequently physician education initiatives to improve clinical applications of the biopharmaceuticals.

Also renowned for being the pioneer for first introducing stem cell research and cellular therapy into Asia Pacific in the mid 80’s, Mike has since initiated educational programs for physicians and agents from his extensive product distribution networks across 80 countries. A frequent public speaker, he has conducted more than 1,000 lectures, seminars, and symposiums worldwide in the field of biotech sciences, biopharmaceuticals, anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and stem cell therapies.

Mike Chan currently sits on the Board and is the Head of the Regenerative Medicine Scientific Committee for Europe’s largest preventative, regenerative and anti-aging scientific body, ESAAM (European Society of Preventative, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine) established in 2003 and is also the Society’s Asian Chairman. He is also an Associate Professor of AASCP, USA (American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians), Chairman for A4M, USA (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) for Thailand/Asia, Japan’s Regenerative Medical Association MMJ (Multi-Dimensional Holistic Medical Team Japan) and co-Founder of FCTI Precursor Stem Cells, Europe. In 2018 and 2019, together with his team of clinicians, he has brought significant Medical and Wellness Tourism and Education Tourism into Switzerland, Germany and Malaysia with physicians from USA, Portugal, Belgium, China, Spain, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippine, and Middle East.

He is also a Senator of BWA, Germany (Federal Association for Economic Development & Foreign Trade for China, Indonesia & Malaysia). He spearheads, hires, and works in collaboration with top scientists and scholars worldwide from MIT, Oxford, Cambridge Heidelberg University and University of Irvine, California etc. He has won numerous awards (17), for top leadership, entrepreneurship, quality assurance and achievement awards from Europe to China. He holds membership in more than 20 academic bodies and associations.

Residing in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and Europe for more than three decades, it has always been his aspiration as a proud Malaysian Chinese of ‘Budak Kampung’ origin where he is a third generation of Chinese Fujian origin to bring World-Class, Cutting-Edge Biotechnology, Research & Education to Malaysia and China. He is currently working with the Chinese Shandong Government on Biotechnology, Educational & Research Centers on Biological/Regenerative Medicine & Sport Injury and Rehabilitation and has been an invited expert speaker on stem cells and nutrition for Covid (including Covid Pandemic, Feb 14, 2020) by Chinese authorities on numerous occasions in China.