President, Institute of Future Studies for Development /former Advisor to Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, Thailand

Short Biography

PROFESSOR DR KRIENGSAK CHAREONWONGSAK graduated with first class honours and obtained a PhD in Economics in 1981 at Monash University, Australia. He obtained a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University, USA, Master Degree from Judge Business School, Cambridge University, having also a D Phil (Doctor of Philosophy in Management) and Post Doctoral Studies (Public Policy and Management) at the University of Oxford, UK.

Besides teaching at Monash University, he was involved in economics research at the Impact Research Centre, University of Melbourne and at Telecom Australia. He also held a position at the Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, Kasetsart University, Thailand.

Presently, Prof Kriengsak is Chairman of the Nation-Building Institute (NBI), Senior Fellow, Harvard University, Professor of Management and Economics, Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia and the Academic Dean, University of London, Thailand Centre, EMFSS Programs Led by London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He was an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association. He has been also a Research Professor at Regent University, USA and an Adjunct Professor at many universities both in Thailand and overseas.

He was advisor to a Prime Minister and an elected Member of Parliament before the 2006 house dissolution. He was also the Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economic Development in the House of Representatives. He was a National Executive Board member for the oldest and large political party-the Democrat Party in Thailand.

Professor Dr Kriengsak is President of the Institute of Future Studies for Development (IFD). He is the Eminent Member of the National Education Council. He was also on the Social Science Committee of the National Committee for Education, Science and Culture for UNESCO.

He has been an advisor to the Former Prime Minister, the Former Deputy Prime Minister, and the Former Minister of Defence of Thailand. He sat on the Eighth Planning Committee of the National Economic and Social Development Board for the Infrastructure of Science and Technology, was Vice Chairman of the Political Reform Sub-Committee of Public Relations and Public Hearings, and was a Sub-Committee Member in Public Relations for the Promotion of Democracy.

As a businessman, he is a Director of Singapore’s Public listed Company ASTI Holdings and the Chairman of Board Risk Management Committee, Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited.

In addition to the aforementioned, he is a newspaper and magazine columnist, having written over 6,000 articles containing academic analysis and proposals on various issues, especially on public policy and development issues. He is the author of 200 books and has presented over 500 academic papers at international conferences. He has hosted several television talk show series and is heard frequently on radio. His perspectives are often highlighted in interviews carried by a wide variety of media sources in Thailand and overseas. He has presented his viewpoints to government and non-government organizations, academic institutions and community groups in over 2,200 lectures in seventy countries.