Penang State Minister (EXCO) for Social Development and Non- Islamic Religious Affairs, Malaysia

Short Biography

CHONG ENG is currently holding the position of Penang State’s Executive Councillor (EXCO) for Social Development & Non-Islamic Religious Affairs. She is also the Penang State Assemblywomen for Padang Lalang since 2013.

She started her political career as a full-time research officer in 1990 with DAP Penang. She was the one and only opposition member in the Penang State Assembly from 1995-1999 when she won the Batu Lanchang State Constituency in the 1995 Malaysian general election. She was subsequently elected as Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament in 1999, 2004 and 2008 general elections, and in 2013 and 2018 general elections, contested and won the Penang state seat of Padang Lalang.

A prominent figure in advocating for gender equality and social justice, Chong Eng was relentless in pushing for a state institution establishment to address specifically on women, development, and empowerment. Her efforts, together with other women leaders in the state, have led to the establishment of Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC) in November 2011. Now, she is the Chairperson for PWDC. She also founded Women’s Right Awareness Association (WRAA) in her constituency of Bukit Mertajam in 2008.

Throughout her career as an EXCO, she has organised and supported numerous organisations, events and workshops that benefited the Penang community, especially for the women and children. Some of her notable achievements was the publication of the Body Safety Education Booklet, which is available in four local languages for parents and children. She was also the driving force in the implementation of the Gender Inclusiveness Policy (GIP) in 2019 to promote a gender balanced management, and Safe Family Policy in 2020 to help victims of domestic violence.

Furthermore, she also led in the State’s efforts in preventing bullying with the Penang Against Bullying movement, as well as, the Penang Goes Orange, in conjunction with Eliminate Violence Against Women Day on every 25th of November.